Meadows of Silence

Am I because of the breaths,
or the breaths are because of me
Am i existing in my thoughts
or the thoughts are living in me
In the meadows of silence
I seek myself
There is nothing
There is no one
Just a question and me…..


Moon Dancing,
Leaves shining,
Trees sleeping,
Enjoying music,
In silence. @ Nirmal


Heart want to reach you
And the very heart is full of you
It reside you
Yet long for you
It manifest you
And then desire you
It creates you
And then want to reach you
Want to be full of you
Tell the stupid heart to cease
Just pump the blood n be at ease


The Man wants to achieve

seldom, silence in it speak

silence is only thing that it seeks.  Nirmal

What is this longing for

What is this longing for,

The desire for wealth,

The desire for health or fame,

Desire for love, sex or name,

It’s the,

Desire for silence,

Desire for nothingness,

And  to be none,

What is this longing for,

Longing to absolve

Longing to dissolve


Illusions exists only in thoughts,

So is the reality,DSC04817

O Master,

Its a Duality ….


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