The Man wants to achieve

seldom, silence in it speak

silence is only thing that it seeks.  Nirmal

What is this longing for

What is this longing for,

The desire for wealth,

The desire for health or fame,

Desire for love, sex or name,

It’s the,

Desire for silence,

Desire for nothingness,

And  to be none,

What is this longing for,

Longing to absolve

Longing to dissolve


Illusions exists only in thoughts,

So is the reality,DSC04817

O Master,

Its a Duality ….



Getting Rid of Past,                            

Future Slipping from Hand,

Sitting in Silence,

Everything written on Sand………..


What’s the noise,

Says the voice,

Make a choice,


Making a choice,

Creating a noise,

Says the voice,

It’s the voice,

It’s the noise,

Ha Ha Ha.


Emotions originating from heart

Taking the shape of words

And something getting missed in between

Something left within,                       

Travelling along like a song

Being conveyed in silence

And understood in patience

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