Silent Meditation

Silently, I grow in silence and silently silence grows within me……..

Power of Silence

Whatever I speak, whatever I Paint or Write, its just way to convey my silence but still after all the efforts, it is always felt something is left unsaid.


Lying under the skyThe Dance

Often someone tells me

Where are the limits

Within me Within me


We are just a small minuscule subset of a bigger set called “Nature’.

More of Everything

PaintingsYellow Seems to be more yellow

green has more green in it

Brighter is Brighter

There is more of me in me

Trees – The Breath Partners


Number Zero

Number Zero is a great invention. Its a great number and has great resemblance to life. It present all the possibilities. By suitably placing zero, the number can remain same, can become zero itself or infinite. So is the life, here exist all the possibilities and only the choices made makes the difference.


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