मेरे मेहरबाँ (Mere Meharbaan)

मेरे मेहरबाँ
ओ मेरे मेहरबाँ तू आजा, के अभी कुछ रात बाकी है
तेरे इंतज़ार मे अब्ब तक हू जिंदा, के अभी कुछ साँस बाकी है
यू तो तुम्हे हर बात की है खबर, मगर दिल मे कुछ राज़ बाकी है
हर एक शय मे नशा है तेरा कातिल, मगर तेरे इस्क़ का जाम बाकी है
यू तो हर चीज़ जमाने की आए नज़र, मगर मुर्शिद की तालश बाकी है
कमी तो कुछ अभी भी नही यहाँ, मुककममल हो जहाँ जिससे वो बात बाकी है

Mere Meharbaan
O mere meharbaan tu aaja, ke abhi kuch raat baaki hai
Tere intzaar Mae abb tak hu Jinda, ke abhi kuch saans baaki hai
Yu to tumhe har baat kee hai khabar, magar dil mae kuch raaz baaki hai
Har ek shay mae nasha hai tera katil, magar tere isq kaa jaam baaki hai
Yu to har cheez jamaane kee aye nazar, magar murshid kee taalash baaki hai
Kami to kuch abhi bhee nahi yahan, mukkammal ho jahan jisse wo baat baaki hai

My Love
O my love please come, yet some night is still left
I am living in your wait, yet my few breaths are still left
You know everything, but few secrets in heart are still left
Everything contains intoxication of yours, yet the drink of your love is left
I can see everything in this world, yet the search for guru is left
There is no deficiency in life now also, but the words to make the world complete are still left


6 Responses to मेरे मेहरबाँ (Mere Meharbaan)

  1. amazing poem Nirmal, your poems touch the heart by their earnestness and beauty.

    • Nirmal Bajwa says:

      Thx and trisha you have the heart to see the beauty in these words.

      • i believe we share wavelength, thats why our hearts connect.

        please write some thing new, i have finished all your works 😦

        • Nirmal Bajwa says:

          oh sure good to c ur instant comment. u r right we share a wavelength and i’m enjoying this harmony.
          i feel poetry just comes. i am waiting let’s see when it comes.
          how r u doing?

          • my back ache? its gone it seems. i most probably will be back to myself by next month.

            yes, poetry comes by itself, it comes very easily to me but then there are days when i dont feel like writing.

            paint some thing and post that, pick up your old drawing book and post them. 🙂

          • Nirmal Bajwa says:

            i also feel d same. there are times, when you dont feel like doing anything. i am also going therough the same phase, just enjoying the peace.
            good to know that your back is fine. i wish you a speedy recovery. God bless.

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