Yesterday, I read in a book,
“What you are
Is a God’s gift to you.
What you become
Is your (return) gift to God”

These lines are really touching because what I’m is a gift of God, there is no doubt. Reading the second line, I felt that I should also return something. But, what and how to return that started a debate within me. What should I become so that an appropriate gift can be returned to God. What is there to become? Is it necessary for us to really become something? God has made us the way he wanted, and if there is something more to become then why God has not made me that something?

To become can have different meaning for each one of us. Some may argue, if there is no desire to become something then growth may stop.

I think if there is something to become then it is to become one with God. It is to establish a communion with Him and feel Him inside us. It is to feel His vibrations all around us and enjoy the uninterrupted rain of his love and for this, there is actually nothing to become. It’s more of a realization than becoming something and the realization will come once we know what we are. No two things of nature are alike in this world and so are the humans but still everything is perfect in its own way. Watch the trees, mountains, river, birds, everything is perfect and so is each one of us, we all are perfect in our own way but what is required is to realize and enjoy our individual perfection. Sometime, I feel that the very struggle of becoming itself cause a resistance in reaching him. In the process of becoming something, at times, we get entangled in mirages created by the very process itself. So, I feel the way is to leave all struggle of becoming, realizing the true self of ours and be a part of Him. Then there will be no two (God and You) but only one and that will be Him and which will be complete.


Glory of Life

Glory of Life

Glory of Life

The glory of life,
lies within me
deep down in my desires,
in a state of meditation
I am full of You,
and You exist within me.

The Joy within

The Joy of LIfe

Joy of life

The joy of life lies within us. Some time it is clearly visible like primary colors or at times we have to look at some angles and couple of times, we have te be a watcher of ourself to see the real joy within us.

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