O My Master

RainWhen it rains, I look at leaves
they shine and speak,
you are here
A rainbow is formed through every drop,
I watch the hanging clouds,
They dance forming various shapes and say,
You are here,
When the breeze touches my face and stroke my hairs,
I feel afresh,
The blossoming flower smiles at me and say
You are here,
O my master, it’s the rain of your love
I see here and there
So blessed is me that I feel you everywhere
O my Master, my Master


Your Love

His loveYour Love
Your love is all around me
I can feel it everywhere
In the greenery of grass
In the freshness of air
Till the ends of horizon
In the core of my heart
May be further near
Its fantasy, an ecstasy
It’s a joy, may be a ploy
I wish, I could describe
It was born, when words were not there
I was blank and empty
Only you was here
and everywhere
Your love is all around me
I can feel it everywhere.

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