His Order (Hukm)

His Order
His Order (Hukm)I have tried to paint the hukm (order) of Master through these lines. I feel the order of our master (God) is very simple and clear, it does not require much intelligence or IQ for understanding (like mixing of various colours and inventing new brush strokes or patterns, if we try to paint). It just requires a plain unconditional faith in him. Like our guru has said “Hukm razae chalna, nanak likhia naal”, I feel that his hukm is very simple i.e one should keep doing his work in full faith and accept life the way it comes.
Swiming in his Order
Swimming in His Order
The order of our master is very simple. The way to enjoy the life is to swim in his order.


His Order
His order in Nature
This is the third painting in continuing with the series on his order. He is omnipresent and his order is present all around us.
Mother Nature
Mother Nature
In this painting a mother is trying to kiss a baby while holding his head in her hand, similarly each one of us is also cared and loved by Him (God).


8 Responses to His Order (Hukm)

  1. Your Friend!!! says:


  2. they are gorgeous! you are being humble. fabulous collection of pictures. you should share more with us. why dont you illustrate your poems?

    • Nirmal Bajwa says:

      Thx Sharmishtha for wonderful compliments, the next painting radha-krishna is in making, i will share the day it completes.
      I’ll try to illustrate the poems.

      • your poems are amazing, so are your artworks, if you combine them that will be simply splendid. the way you will be able to illustrate your own thoughts no one else will be able to.

        all the best!

  3. midnighthues says:

    Simply Wow!!!! Awesome art!

  4. I agree with all of the above. Awe-inspiring art work! You are so talented but use your talent to praise God. That is a higher form of art I believe. The first work tickles my eye but the last work is so mystical that astounds me. Never seen anything like it. Psychologically intelligent and spiritual work combined into aesthetically beautiful works!

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