Another day, Another morning,
With a fresh hope,
The desire is same,
It may rain.

The shining stars in the empty sky,
Smiles at me and say,
Ignite the fire in your belly,
And let it flay,
It may pain,
But, it will rain.

The chirping of birds,
Welcoming the Sun,
Preparing for another fun
Some for the maiden flight
Say, there is a struggle
But, that is there right
So, they fight.

Someday, It will rain

it will rain

The air stroking hairs,
Whisper in my ears,
The limits are in your mind
Your inhibitions make you blind,
Look within, find the pinnacle
Stand on the top,
Open your arms
To welcome Him again,
Someday, it will rain
It will rain.


6 Responses to SOMEDAY, IT WILL RAIN

  1. justaskraj says:

    Beautiful poetry
    Beautiful imagery

  2. you know we are really actually begging for the real rain, not the metaphor. we are getting roasted.

    • Nirmal Bajwa says:

      i wish may God bless you with rain at the eraliest and may the fresh drops of water bring joy and prosperiity for you and everyone around you. May i know which place are you referring to?

  3. midnighthues says:

    Nice and flowing poem Nirmal!

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