Radhakrishna- Dual to One



Radhakrishna is a beautiful name, dual but yet complete. It’s a union of two wherein both are incomplete without each other and when they unite, it seems that they did never exist separately.
Similarly, we also live in dualities and these dualities of life makes us feel incomplete, imperfect, miserable, etc, etc. But, when the duality is removed, a fountain of tremendous joy erupts, rain of love start falling, harmony with nature is developed and we become one with God. Then, there are no distinctions.
Somewhere, we all want to remove the dualities but how to do it? This question is within all of us and I feel the source of question and answer is same. As the question is within us, the way to remove the duality is also within us. The method/process may be different for each one of us but the seed to answer is buried within us only and the whole effort is to find the seed and water it. Keep looking within, the answer will emerge someday.


7 Responses to Radhakrishna- Dual to One

  1. a little more insight into the dualities nirmal.

    • Nirmal Bajwa says:

      i’ll try. whenever we write, paint or do any act the duality begins, the very act of doing anything initiates the duality. i am also exploring the way and will keep sharing my experinces as and when i will have. thanks a ton for nice and encouraging compliments.

      • i never look at life this way, i just take it as it comes. these things sound too complex for me. one of my closest friends is zen addict, i still cant understand his zen based poems.

        • Nirmal Bajwa says:

          Zen is beautiful if you read about it you will find there is nothing complex.
          second i like your attitude i.e to accpet the life the way it comes to you. this is the best way. i am try for same but at times mind take dives into future and start dreaming.

      • i believe in the geeta shloka- “karmanyevadhikaraste maphaleshu kadachana” – this phillosophical mind came through experiences, our lives are our greatest teachers and as we all have different lives our teachers are different too, we just reflect the teachings of our teachers 🙂

  2. Arindam says:

    Radha itself is the reverse of dhara…the one who flows against the current…. referring to Osho’s lecture….on Geeta Darshan..in that sense ..the beloved of Krishna….Radha….was given this name….as she went against the norms of society….keep posting….

  3. Nirmal Bajwa says:

    Sir, thanks for nice compliment and discription of Radha.

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