A vagabond,
I can break the clutches,
the clutches of past and future,
may learn to live in present,
A recluse,
I may leave everyone,
Break all bonds
and come to self,
O Master,
save me from myself
save me from self


12 Responses to SAVE ME- MASTER

  1. soumyav says:

    beauty of a soul lies in realising the divine..well versed..

  2. thats the wisest prayer nirmal.

  3. Midnighthues says:

    There is a Sufi saying: I looked for God and I found myself and I tried to find myself and I found God… This is the paradox of self.

    • Nirmal Bajwa says:

      your are right, even kabir has said “Jab hum the tab tum nahi, abb tumhi hum nahi” meaning when i was you was not there, now you are the only one, i am not.

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