What is the Secret?

SecretThe secret of life, answer to quest, spirituality, etc, etc, is a subject loved by everyone and we all love to have an opinion and definitions on it, but still no answer can be fully wrong or fully correct. In fact, whatever suits you is correct for you.

I feel, it’s like an onion, which is full of layers. We try hard to open the subject layer by layer but to our surprise, we only find another layer hidden behind the first. The process of removing layers give us tears, smell, taste, etc but in the end after the last layer there is nothing.

The only thing left is the experience, the experience one has while removing the layers and which is our own and probably that is the secret.


7 Responses to What is the Secret?

  1. i dont ponder much on these things, honestly. i never try to look for “the purpose” for which God made me, if it is that way then the purpose will show itself, or else i will just try to walk the shortest, surest way back home to Her. 🙂

  2. soumyav says:

    what a metaphorical comparison! loved it

  3. Jean Mishra says:

    And at the very center of the onion is the blissful Silence we all share. I love it!

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