What is knowledge?


I was asked a question, “What is Knowledge?”

I said it is “know all edges”.

But, then a question arose within,

Can someone know all the edges?

What is beyond the edges?

What if you know all the edges?

Where and What is the edge?

Is it just a way to keep your mind busy?



18 Responses to What is knowledge?

  1. What fun word and brain play!

  2. If it’s like story
    One story is dangerous
    Braids of storys and loose ends
    Lots of ways slices strands
    Maybe like edges
    Of some kind of knowledge

  3. really loved it nirmal. its a very good question, i too dont know what knowledge is, i know information but am not very sure about knowledge or wisdom!

  4. Made me remember when I took final orals for MA degree theology 1980. I did not do well on some of the questions. I was then asked about what I had learned as far as general knowledge is concerned. My answer was that my education and knowledge had expanded but what I really learned was that I had just scratched the surface and that there were many , many doors of scholarship yet to be entered before I could claim to have a respectable quantity of knowledge in the matter of theology. I got the A+.

  5. time for next post!!!!!

  6. midnighthues says:

    Very well articulated Nirmal! Loved it!

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