Jaroori to Nahin (It’s not necessary)

ए खुदा,

तेरा, मेरे पास आने के लिए, images (3)

मेरा यूँ पुकारना तुम्हे,

ज़रूरी तो नहीं

कुछ बातें, यूँ भी समझ आती होंगी

हर बार, आह का आह तक जाना,

ज़रूरी तो नहीं,

ज़रा आँखें खोल कर देख,

दिलो दरवाजे खोल बैठे हैं

घर पहचानने के लिए,

मेरा यूँ शोर मचाना, ज़रूरी तो नहीं


O Khuda,

Tera, Mere pass aane ke liae,

Mera yoon pukarna tumhe,

Jaroori to nahi

Kuch baten yu be samaz aati hongiimages (2)

Har baar, aah ka aah tak jana,

Jaroori to nahi,

Jara aankhen khol kar dekh,

Dilo darwaaje khol bhathe hain

Ghar pehchanane ke liae,

Mera yu shor machana,

Jaroori to nahin


O Lord,

For that you come to me,

My calling you aloud is not necessary

Some words can be understood without saying,

Every time,

Sharing of pain among hearts is not necessary

Just open your eyes and watch,

I’m sitting with the doors to heart wide open,

So that, you recognize this palace of love,

I shout unnecessarily is not necessary.



Today, a notification reminded me that it’s been three years on WordPress.

The journey so far has been really wonderful. I will like to thank all my friend readers for visiting the blog, liking and commenting on posts. Each and every visit of yours is encouraging and motivating.  Thanks Again.

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