Understanding Silence

कभी तन्हाईओं मे तुम भी मिलने आया करो,images (2)

हर बार बुलाना ज़रूरी तो नही

मेरे मोला

कभी खुद भी समज जाया करो


In loneliness

O Master, visit me by yourself

calls are not mandatory,

at times understand by yourself


9 Responses to Understanding Silence

  1. fabulous! who are Maulas? I have heard the term a lot but don’t know the exact meaning.

  2. White Pearl says:

    Lovely lines….Hindi has always been fascinating for me…Though I can’t read it (Written in hindi format) but it looks amazing 😉 Namaste 🙂

  3. Dilip says:

    A beautiful post with meaningful words. Silence is the language of Gods!

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