Overflow of love

Radha Krishna

O Dear Master,

Give me so much that,

it starts overflowing

In way that,

I get wet

and others start enjoying.


20 Responses to Overflow of love

    • Nirmal Bajwa says:

      Thanks. I always feel why there’s hesitation in sharing something. It’s because I’m not yet fully content. I’ve to be like a pot full of water so on any moment the water drops out by own.

      • soumyav says:

        very true, Contentment is something which allows the heart to embrace everyone and hence sharing becomes normal.

        • Nirmal Bajwa says:

          u r right. its like if i cant love myself then i can also not love others. however, unless one tastes the abundance, the probability of leaving the desire for same is less.

          • soumyav says:

            Its not in abundance Nirmal, nothing we get, its the sense with which we get satisfied and submerge ourselves ,accepting every thing as a gift of creator. Then nothing is less or nothing more

          • Nirmal Bajwa says:

            not acceptance but the courage to give comes only when one himself is fully satisfied or content with the same and contentment comes with abundance. abundance can come enter through many forms

  1. soumyav says:

    yes i agree, the abundance , in any form if realized and valued,

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