Illusions exists only in thoughts,

So is the reality,DSC04817

O Master,

Its a Duality ….



Getting Rid of Past,                            

Future Slipping from Hand,

Sitting in Silence,

Everything written on Sand………..


What’s the noise,

Says the voice,

Make a choice,


Making a choice,

Creating a noise,

Says the voice,

It’s the voice,

It’s the noise,

Ha Ha Ha.


Emotions originating from heart

Taking the shape of words

And something getting missed in between

Something left within,                       

Travelling along like a song

Being conveyed in silence

And understood in patience

Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day
Water spread,  wet ways
Love falling from sky,
Shinning trees
Flickering feathers
Birds in spree
It’s wetness
It’s freshness
It’s cosmic
It’s orgasmic.


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Blue sky, floating clouds
Swinging trees,  chirping birds
Rain dropping on face,
Wind stroking hairs,
A stillness,  A silence
What else?

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