Radha Krishna 12 Apr



Krishna 29

Dance of RadhaKrishna

Radha Krishna

The dance where the dancer is no longer present but only the dance remains.



Dualities of life

The Life

Dualities of Life

Painters, writers, philosophers, etc, etc all try to explain life. A painter love drawing it using a variety of colors, strokes, techniques, etc. Similarly, various other methods are used by various persons but the life is beyond all. It is not only difficult but beyond the reach of mind, may be because the mind is actually a very small subset of life.
One day, while reading Osho, I read life is in dualities. I have tried to paint the dualities of life.
The dualities are everywhere, Day- Night, Light-Dark, Male-Female, Live-Evil, Birth-Death, ……
There is always something opposite attached to original. Infact, that opposite thing complement the original and both in totality convey the full meaning of existence. E.g male and female both are required for the world, night is essential to feel the day, and so on.

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