If we see around us, we will find that everything in nature is living in peace harmony with each other. Likewise we also need to learn and try to emulate the same and enjoy the beautiful world given to us by our master.
I have tried to paint the same harmony in nature, wherein, I’ve tried to paint tree sitting in meditation.

Submission to Love

We are wondering like a free soul in the vast ocean of this world and we can reach our real destination only when we submit our self to the will of our master. whether we are good or bad we are his and when we submit our self to him and combine with him then the real fruit of love is developed and that is the real happiness.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Jisnu Jaisa Baba Vikhia, Usne Vaisa He banaya
Sanu Har Cheez Vich Oh Vikhia, Assi Har Rang Vich Usnu Paya

Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Guru Gobind Singh is a source of light, like a lamp he has enlightened the mankind and we free birds should take a dip in his love.

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