I am, What you think

Anger, hatred, love, empathy, etc

is all in your thought

Seems to be different

But are parts of same boat

I am, what I was eons back

I’ll be same in years to come

Those who write are right

But still accurate is none

O My Master,

What shall I say?

What is there cannot be said

What is said, May not be there


Goal, What is this?

Goal, a word, which we all love and think that it makes our life more meaningful. Starting from our childhood, we are asked to have some goal in life. The goals keep on changing but continue to exist in one form or another.

Sometimes, I wonder, do the flowers also have some goal? What about the goal of animals, trees, birds, etc, after all, they are also part of the same nature. Is there any goal for earth or other millions of planets and stars, which we know are existing and others many more which are beyond our imagination?

What is this goal? Is the real goal is struggle for survival or something more?


Harder I try, difficult it becomes

Faster I run, O Master, farther you go

Lying down, when I watch sky

I see by itself the grass grow

Ha Ha Ha

O My Master

What a process

The moment I try, it gets slow



Last night,

I experienced a dream,

Now, I wonder, who I’m

The one,

Who enjoyed in meadows of night

or the one,

who is lost in spreads of light

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